Peter Scholtes believed in creating workplaces that produced results for customers and all stakeholders. And providing joy in work is a key part of creating successful organizations. He wrote The Leader's Handbook and the Team Handbook.

Peter taught with Dr. W. Edwards Deming and worked with many management experts including Brian Joiner, Alfie Kohn, Russel Ackoff, Malcom Knowles, William G. Hunter, Kelly Allan, Linda Fynn and John Hunter during his career.

Due to ongoing health issues, Peter Scholtes chose to retire from active consulting and workshops in 2000. Consequently, he has asked fellow colleague Kelly Allan to take the reins of his practice. Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd., a consulting firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, became the point of contact for Kelly and others well-versed in Peter's work.

Since 2000 Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd., has been the Peter Scholtes' endorsed point of contact for Scholtes-based Workshops, Keynotes, and Consulting. As Peter understood his health was failing in 2009, he asked Kelly Allan to continue to help organizations implement the theories and practices of Peter's book, The Leader's Handbook.

Peter Scholtes died peacefully the morning of July 11, 2009. His family was with him. Read comments from some of those that appreciated Peter's work

Peter R. Scholtes Obituary