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Peter Scholtes Recieves 2006 Deming Award

The 2006 Deming Medal was presented to Peter R. Scholtes by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) at the society's May conference. The Deming Medal is presented to those who, like Dr. Deming, have successfully combined the application of statistical thinking and management so that each supports and enhances the other, thus leading to quality in products and services.

Peter received the medal "for his efforts to inspire others to transform organizations by helping managers understand how successful leadership of people requires an understanding of the interdependencies among knowledge about variation, psychology, appreciation for a system, and the theory of knowledge." Peter is also a past recipient of ASQ's Ishikawa Medal and Brumbaugh Awards.

Text from the W. Edwards Deming Institute Newsletter.

Photo: Peter Scholtes, ASQ President Ron Atkinson, and Joyce Orsini.

Peter also authored The Leader's Handbook.