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April 3, 2000

Dear Friends,

I've decided holiday letters are just as likely to be lost in the usual debris. A note in the spring seems to have a festive nature that is unique to its season; besides, I didn't feel like sending a holiday letter. So here is my non-holiday update!

I hope this finds you all well, happy and healthy. As for Peg and me, we are just toddling along nicely. The big news: Peg is in the process of purchasing the store of her dreams- Capitol Kids, a children's toy, book and clothing store right in the heart of downtown Madison. For now, she will continue on at her present job, but when she's ready, we know what she will do in her retirement. We hope to move downtown too, which will also be an easy commute for our granddaughter, Sophia, and her yet-to-be-born little sister. (In May, we will have good news to announce.)

As for me, I'm pursuing my dream of becoming a harmless, amusing eccentric. I've pretty much got it down, too. My health has stabilized, ranging from pretty good to almost pretty good. I'm still pursuing fitness with mediocre success. I'm still treading the mill almost everyday. I volunteer one day a week at Meriter Hospital, where I have been a fairly constant customer since August of 1997.

I am still committed to my work, yet I am resigned to continuing on my sabbatical for now. It seems that I am not likely to return to doing formal presentations. I am staying in touch through many of you. I still take joy in the creativity that this work inspires. I am involved in sharing writing ideas with many people, yet the idea of writing anything as ambitious as another book makes the idea of becoming a harmless amusing eccentric increasingly more attractive.

I have encouraged several friends to offer assistance in helping promote my teachings and beliefs. These folks, who have their own full time positions or practices, are experienced presenters and consultants. I trust them to carry on in the same spirit as I would. I have asked Kelly Allan to take the leadership in this effort, and am delighted that he has agreed. Along with Kelly there are Britt Hall, Barb Hummel, Liane Dolezar, and Judy Schector. These are folks whom I know, trust, and respect.

Kelly and his staff will coordinate things as I no longer have full-time office staff. The process we propose for handling your requests for service and presentations is this: Please contact Kelly's office or send him e-mail so Kelly can communicate with you about the specifics of your request. Kelly will then confer with me so we can match the most qualified person to the subject area. I am sure this arrangement will be a useful vehicle for carrying on the work I have been trying to do, and will provide the right person to help you.

Peg and I are looking forward to your friendship for many more years. Keep your prayers and letters coming.


Peter Scholtes