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Autumn 2000

Dear Friends,

Greetings! I hope you are in fine fettle. (What on earth is a "fettle"?)

In my last letter, I described myself as a "harmless, amusing eccentric". Many people took exception to this phrase, not, however, to the word eccentric. I continue to do well, in spite of all this.

We have had a very busy spring and summer:

I still continue to volunteer at Meriter Hospital in the rehab unit where I was a patient. I enjoy seeing friends at the hospital and can help out some, especially chatting with stroke survivors.

A new book is out, Abolishing Performance Appraisals, by Tom Coens and Mary Jenkins, published by Berrett-Koehler. It is a fine and important work. I am both pleased and humbled that Tom and Mary dedicated this book to me.

I will be teaching in two classes here in Madison in November. Barb Hummel has asked me to visit her class at Edgewood College, and I will be joining Paul Soglin for his class at the University of Wisconsin. I am also looking forward to a visit with Joyce Orsini and the Deming Scholars at Fordham University early in the year.

In other news, I'm delighted to welcome to our association of consultants the inimitable and indomitable Hazel Cannon. Hazel joined Kelly and our group this summer and will be especially of service in Great Britain and Northern Europe. Since it is now nearly 18 months since I was last in the UK and Europe, I am delighted that Hazel will be representing me over there.

Britt Hall and Kelly Allan have created customized, hands-on exercises focused on the "Six Leadership Competencies" (Chapter Two of The Leader's Handbook). These exercises will be specifically tailored to the clients' needs. They can be designed in either a one-day or two-day workshop that includes very brief presentations and lots of interaction. Participating clients report deep learning and lasting results on issues important to them.

Kelly has become certified as a Level I instructor of Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment methodologies and materials. He has integrated a number of Feuerstein's powerful lessons into his seminars.

Kelly and others are also offering presentations on "A Next Step for Quality in Government." It includes hands-on exercises and is especially useful for people feeling discouraged because their quality efforts are stuck. Kelly was a keynote speaker on this topic at the Quality in Government Day sponsored by the American Society for Public Administration and Monroe County, NY.

I am pleased that Kelly has continued to lead the effort to keep issues and concerns that I care about so much available and relevant to our clients. I am gratified that I have been able to contribute in some small way to Kelly's work.

I know some of you have tried unsuccessfully to send me email. This problem was caused by the many changes we have gone through with closing our office and moving from our large quarters to our very small condominium. We have managed to get this worked out now, so please try again!

Now that we have survived our year of great change, Peg and I are looking forward to a simpler life with more time for friends and family. We anticipate the holiday season with a new appreciation of how important our friends and family are to us.

I hope that Thanksgiving and the holidays bring time for those you love and that you will find peace and joy in your relationships and in your work. And may the New Year help us all continue in whatever degree of fettle that suits us well.


Peter Scholtes

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