Letters from Peter Scholtes.

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November 1, 2005

Dear Friends,

I understand that some of you have inquired about my health and well-being. I am truly touched by your sentiments.

In reference to my health, I have experienced some minor setbacks and some major advances. The minor setbacks have affected my ability to travel long distances on airplanes, at least for the time being. As a result, I have found it necessary to forego certain events such as teaching in Joyce Orsini's classes at Fordham University, attending my nephew's wedding and attending Deming Institute meetings. Most recently, I have missed visiting Joyce and her students. Being with her class has been both stimulating and challenging for me, so I hope I will be able to visit New York City in the near future.

Also, I had to miss my nephew's wedding in New York State. Missing the wedding deprived me of being with my dearly loved nephew on his important day and missing being with my sisters and their children, their in-laws and grandkids as they celebrated with Paul and his new wife Keary. One of the treats that I missed was attending the wedding with people like Teddy Kennedy and Howard Dean's mother who are good friends of the bride's family. However, I was tickled to receive a most exciting souvenir - a photograph of my very Republican sisters with Teddy Kennedy.

My travel restrictions also kept me from attending the Deming Conference in La Fayette Indiana. I missed many of you whom I would have seen there.

Now for a word about my major advances. I am now the proud owner and driver of a power wheel chair. It has greatly increased my ability to be mobile. I am able to cruise downtown to Peg's store and meet for lunch with friends and my granddaughters. I have been able to attend downtown events that I would have otherwise missed. The Jazzy chair is a remarkable piece of technology. It breaks down into seven pieces can be loaded into our car. I can go almost anywhere. Kelly Allan can attest to my maneuvering skills - I was joined him for a great lunch in downtown Madison when he visited this summer.

When I last wrote to you, it was at the dawn of the War in Iraq. I was troubled then and I still am. At the time I described the world in terms of systems thinking. And I identified several elements that were wrong about American policies. I regret to say that all of what I predicted is coming true. If only our resources could be directed to creating and sustaining peace and helping to repair those lives who have been damaged by this war and other disasters that have befallen our world.

Peg's store (and Jenna's too - some of you will remember my able daughter who helped me with Scholtes Seminars and Consulting) is doing great. They have people visiting from all over the county, and often the world, who stop in to visit the store. In a readers poll Capitol Kids was voted the best children's clothing store in Madison and second in the toy category - second to Toys R Us by a mere seven votes. It's fun for me to stop by the store and witness the various community events that take place there along with the retail business. It is really a joyful place to visit.

My granddaughters Sophia and Lilah are now in second grade and kindergarten. They provide me with a unique perspective on life. Last February when my mother died in California they came to visit us there with their parents. They were a wonderful source of wisdom and consolation. We are so lucky to live near them and have them be part of our lives.

Thank you for wondering about me. I am still interested in hearing about you and your endeavors in making lives and work places better. I wish you happiness and good health.


Peter Scholtes